Hotel Kremin Kremenchug


The hotel is glad to offer you its banquet facilities that will suit any purpose including luxurious celebrations of weddings, anniversaries, graduation or birthday parties and what not!

You can choose the place that will be the most appropriate for your event.

Restaurant Kremin will surely dazzle your guests with its distinct and pleasant décor, intricate attention to details, unsurpassed food and unparalleled service. Your guests will be pleased with a great choice of tasty dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisines. You can be sure the table will look festive. The restaurant has a specious hall, a stage for performers, a dance floor and a summer terrace.

We will be happy to undertake all the hassle of organizing your event to make your celebration enjoyable and memorable!

Summer Terrace is a wonderful place to hold your events in warm seasons of the year. The terrace opens to a nice view of the city park and the city square. You will have a fantastic opportunity to be outside, in a quiet area of the city, away from the noise of busy streets and enjoy a refreshing breeze.

Night Club Joss offers great discos from the best DJs, unforgettable shows of various styles for any taste, a menu with diversity, including cocktails and dishes to make a fabulous party specially for you.

We will also be glad to help you book professional photographers and filmmakers to capture your special event, to decorate a hall to suit your event and to plan a special menu for your celebration.

For Bookings, Enquiries and Availability, please, contact our manager:
Tel: +380 536 79 29 53