Hotel Kremin Kremenchug

Rooms & Suites

We provide 125 fully-equipped rooms with everything a modern traveler may need.
The variety of room categories enables you to choose the room meeting the purpose of your visit.

For guests looking for extra space and comfort. Luxury Suite with a big living room, a dining area with a kitchen, a bedroom with a spacious private bathroom.
Price: 1260/1200 UAH
Spacious 2-room suite with king-size bed in the bedroom and fine upholstered furniture in the living room for greeting friends or partners.
Price: 885/825 UAH
The rooms of this category are designed both for travelers and for businessmen who search for an opportunity not only to relax but also to work.
Price: 660/600 UAH
The rooms of this category have all conveniences necessary for those people who are on a business trip.
Price: 580/520 UAH
Comfortable rooms of this category have everything for quiet rest and work. Classic interior, twin beds, bathroom with a bath tub or a shower unit.
Price: 520/460 UAH
Reasonable price of these rooms attracts many people. Cozy one-room standard with a single bed is ideal for relaxation during a business trip or a leisure travel.
Price: 430 UAH
For budget travelers our hotel gives an opportunity for accommodation at a moderate charge. Double room with twin beds.
Price: 320/260 UAH
Accommodation in a single Economy room is a rational choice for people on a business trip.
Price: 255 UAH