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Kremenchug is an old city with great history. It was founded as a Cossack settlement. It is believed that it appeared in 1571. At that time it was a fortress. There is a legend about the name of the city that when Cossacks came to this place they travelled on light boats. The Dnieper River was wider back then and had many stones, so Cossacks had to be careful when sailing. They had a watchman on every boat that looked out for stones. When he saw them in the water he cried out: “Kremin!” (that means “flint stone!”) and he would ask then “chuv?” (that means “have you heard?”). Later two words merged together forming the name of the city- Kremenchug. On the 29th of September 1943 the city was liberated from Nazis. Today this day is celebrated every year as the City Day.

Kremenchug greatly suffered a lot during the WWII. More than 97% of the city constructions were destroyed. Only 22 pre-war buildings survived after the war. There were several concentration camps in Kremenchug when the city was taken over. Over 97 000 people were tortured and murdered there within 2 year’s period of German occupation.

But the city rose from ruins and became a major industrial center of the region. Today Kremenchug can boast over 60% of industrial output of Poltava region. Being the 14th city in Ukraine by industrial output, Kremenchug has the following industrial enterprises: oil-refinery plant Ukrtatnafta, road-machine building plant, tobacco factory, steel-casting plant, train car building plant, wheel plant, Kraz-truck plant, auto assembling plant, alcohol factory, textile factory, candy factory, dairy factory and many others. There are over 120 educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, universities and even the famous pilot school), 26 healthcare institutions, 1000 shops, 470 cafes and restaurants, 15 markets, etc.

Kremenchug is a green city with many parks and places to rest and enjoy yourself. There are different entertainment centers that will help you spend your time in a fun way. Whether you came to Kremenchug for business or for leisure we are sure you will find a lot of places to visit in your free time and will fall in love with our city and come back again!